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Design / Direct mail / Fulfilment / Press

The Client

NTL Incorporated, branded as ntl:, was a United States-listed British company founded in 1992, which provided cable television, cable internet and fixed-line cable telephone services. While NTL had its headquarters in New York City, the company’s activities focused heavily on the United Kingdom, with operational headquarters in Hook, Hampshire. We acted as the national UK agency for NTL from 2002 up until their merger with Virgin Mobile UK and Virgin.net in 2006.

During our stint as the national creative agency for NTL, they became the dominant cable operator in the United Kingdom, controlling more than 90% of the market. In 2005 residential services generated 78% of NTL’s revenue, and business services 22%.

What we’ve done
  • Direct mail
  • Door drops
  • National press
  • Fulfilment
  • Bill inserts
  • Leaflets
  • Radio
  • TV (NTL TV)
  • NTL home magazine
  • Bus adhelters
  • Outdoor
NTL Press Wrap Advertisement
NTL Pop Art Direct Mail
NTL Logo
NTL Broadband Direct Mail
NTL Moving Home Direct Mail
NTL More Choice Leaflets
Misc NTL Direct Mail
NTL Grass Greener DM
NTL Free Line Rental Broadband DM
NTL Free Digital TV Guide
NTL National Press Advertisement
NTL Elderly Market DM
NTL Do Not Disturb Direct Mail
NTL Bill Inserts
NTL Battery DM
NTL Balloon DM