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The three Rs: Refresh, ReFUEL + Revitalise

By Dan Pinkney  4 minute read


Following our recent investment into digital, a website refresh, new premises and a renewed focus on moving forward, the OOTW team have sat together and established FUEL™ – a sub brand of OOTW that offers services in the form of creative support for marketing teams. This has been devised to fulfil several roles, but with one uniting factor – to inject new creativity, ideas and inspiration where needed.

We believe FUEL™ can provide an invaluable, adhoc service for two key markets; companies who already have a contracted external creative or design agency; and organisations who have taken their design/creative in-house.

One dilemma with retaining an agency for a long period is the onset of complacency, settling into a steady rhythm of working, and a deep-rooted client/agency relationship that sometimes makes it difficult to foster original ideas and a new direction. It can be a similar issue when sporting an in-house creative team – they are confined to the same company, same culture, same people. And over time this will confine and restrict creative output – designers soak up inspiration from all areas of life and work to bring out the best in their creative abilities, so a variety of experiences to draw from is essential for them. Designers within an independent creative agency work with diverse clients across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors – and as such can bring in inspiration from uncharted territories that may provide fuel for a change in direction – whether it be creative or a new business strategy/angle of attack.

“We simply aim to provide some much needed outside (i.e. OutOfThisWorld) perspective and ideas that may ignite a spark or a new way of thinking.”

This is where FUEL™ comes in – we don’t wish to displace a client’s current agency, nor do we wish to step on the toes of resident designers and creatives. We simply aim to provide some much needed outside (i.e. OutOfThisWorld) perspective and ideas that may ignite a spark or a new way of thinking. From a brief supplied by a client (can be a detailed plan or simply a synopsis as to why you’re applying for the service), we can provide an idea of new creative direction and brand/marketing strategy to ward off stagnancy and enable marketing teams to move forward with renewed energy, passion and morale. Their current agency or inhouse design team can then take over the reins and develop the ideas, creative and artwork as required. Or clients can choose to retain our services in addition to what they currently have. Having sampled the OutOfThisWorld experience, many clients have done just this.

If you feel you need some injection of ideas to discover a new way forward, feel free to check out our FUEL™ service page and fill out the application form, and we’ll be in touch.

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ReFUEL™ Events

In addition, we are also thinking about launching a regular social/business event at the OutOfThisWorld offices and Ootys Cafe once on a month on a weekday evening. For further information see our reFUEL events page.